Hello World!

Hi, my name is Daniel Sheppard and I have an addiction to numbers. I’ll be writing about how maths (statistics and probability in particular) can be applied to real life. You can expect articles on Sports, Current Issues, Games, and two of my hobbies – Rubik’s Cubes and Mental Calculation.

Is Airplane Safety Getting Worse?

There has been a string of high-profile airplane disasters over the last year or 2, resulting in it being a regular topic in the media. The dominant story is that of the disappearance of MH370. Just 4 months later the same airline suffered another disaster when MH17 was shot down over Ukraine and further fatal accidents in the year since then have caused many to question airplane safety.

Is safety getting worse or has it been an unlucky couple of years? I seek to explore the statistics and answer these questions. Continue reading →

Would You Have Had a World Record 10 Years Ago?

Have you ever heard someone say¬†“If I had started cubing in [Insert Year here], I would have had the World Record”? I think most cubers have, and many of you may¬†realise you’ve said that yourselves. But is it true?

I’ve¬†also been thinking about whether we should¬†consider current World Record holders to be greater than¬†their compatriots over the last 12 years since modern Speedcubing began. Continue reading →